A321 XLR Possible by 2024

Airbus Chief Commercial Officer (Christian Scherer) has hinted at multiple new extended range variants of the A321 whilst speaking at the IATA (International Air Transport Association) AGM in Seoul, South Korea.

He was asked when a long rumored possible extended range version of the A321LR Scherer stated “The earliest you can expect any new versions of an A321 with some serious work done on it would be the 2023-24 timeframe.”

It is widely thought that Airbus are waiting until the Paris Air Show before formally launching the project as many airlines may prefer to take a “wait and see” approach to Boeing’s rumored New Midsize Aircraft  when it comes to replacing their existing 757s, 767s and A321s.

The A321XLR as it has been dubbed is expected to incorporate structural upgrades necessary for the increase takeoff weight required to carry 220 passengers over 4,000nm. It has also been suggested that a revised cockpit maybe on the cards using technology from Airbus’ own A350 family.


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