More 737 Issues Identified

Boeing has today issued a service bulletin with regards to slat track assemblies on the 737 NG, contacting and advising operators that certain aircraft will need the parts checked before flying.

To quote the service bulletin, “One batch of slat tracks with specific lot numbers produced by a supplier was found to have a potential nonconformance. If operators find the parts in question, they are to replace them with new ones before returning the airplane to service.”

The role of the slat tracks is to guide the forward edge slats on the wing, essential when transitioning between higher lift lower speed “dirty” configurations and higher speed lower lift “clean” configurations.

In their announcement Boeing stated that they are going to stage spare parts at operator bases to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum.

Also announced in the same bulletin is an upcoming bulleting with regards to the 737 Max family, with Boeing announcing that they too will have to be inspected before returning to service following their unrelated problems.

Read the official service bulletin here

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