World Commemorates D-Day

The world is currently commemorating the heroic sacrifice demonstrated by allied servicemen during the D-Day operations of 6 June 1944.

Yesterday commemorations were held for the parachute soldiers who’s sacrifice at places such as Pegasus Bridge and Carentan will remain legendary for eternity. A flypast by the Red Arrows and more than thirty C-47 Dakota’s, the primary transport aircraft for the allies at the time was a particular highlight of the events for those interested in aviation. Never outside of conflict have so many Daks as they are colloquially come together for such a celebration and the fact so many remain flying is a testament to the durability of the aircraft.

Further flypast have occurred in France to mark the celebrations where US President Donald Trump was joined by French premier Emmanuel Macron in Normandy and a 97 year old D-Day veteran parachuted into the same landing zones so many did on that fateful night of June 5-6.

Nine BAE Hawks of the UK Red Arrows at the 2018 Royal International Air Tattoo, RAF Fairford, England. (Adrian Pingstone)

In these celebrations we ensure that as a society the selflessness of service during the invasion is never forgotten and that future generations are able to learn from the results of the most destructive conflict in history.

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