777X Delayed Due to GE9X Problems

Boeing CFO Greg Smith has revealed “challenges” regarding the GE9X engines which will likely push the aircraft’s development timeline further back.

General Electric (GE) Aviation has confirmed the story, stating that an anomaly was found in an engine undergoing predelivery factory testing. Speaking to Aviation Week the General Manager of the GE9X program Ted Ingling stated that it’s too soon to know whether or not the problems will effect the flight test program, due to start this month on the 26th.

Ingling further added “During a factory test an engine gave us a signal about its health, we had an anomaly in the compressor and we halted the run.”

Going into more detail we now know that the issue is a mechanical one with the engine’s compressor and not a problem with aerodynamics as had been reported.

Lufthansa are prepared for 777X delays, with 747-400s available to fill in until they are delivered (Lufthansa)

The delays are being felt by airlines, with both Lufthansa and Emirates stating that they have contingencies in case of program delays, keeping 747-400s in service for Lufthansa and an unknown plan by the Middle Eastern carrier.

Emirates may now have to keep their “Classic” 777-300s in service for longer than planned following an delay to the 777X program (Emirates)

Boeing have been quick to calm speculation, with Boeing CEO stating “We’re marching through that set of integrated tests and the airplane is performing very well. It’s a very clean airplane.”

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