India Fast-Tracking Su-30MKI BrahMos Integration

According to what are being called “Official Sources” in the Indian Press the integration of BrahMos onto the Su-30MKI is being fast-tracked, with completion possible this year. This is thought to be due to the recent Indian Air Force (IAF) clashes with Pakistan earlier this year.

BrahMos, the world’s fastest current generation air-launched cruise missile is due to be integrated onto 40 of the IAF 249 Su-30MKIs. A similar program is thought to be currently underway in Russia to integrate the missile onto their Su-30SM aircraft, itself developed from the Su-30MKI.

Adding a top of the line air-launched cruise missile to its inventory is considered a must by the Indian Air Force, especially with the recent issues regarding Pakistan. The strategic value such a weapon being available has is enormous, and will also go some way towards closing the strategic capability cap with China.

BrahMos on Sukhoi-30 MKI: The 290-km range supersonic cruise missile, capable of carrying 300 kg warhead, was successfully tested against a sea-based target.

1According to the Indian Free Press the integration program is a “closely guarded strategic project” but how closely guarded an integration project needs to be, or can be in the public eye remains to be seen. Most Western nations are fairly open when they are integrating new weapons as it’s generally a fairly routine process.

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