Delays to Boom Supersonic Jet Announced

Boom Supersonic, the Colorado-based company aiming to produce a supersonic airliner has announced that the first flight of its XB-1 Baby Boom third scale demonstrator will be delayed until at least 2020, with the aircraft expected to be rolled out in December this year.

Powered by three General Electric CJ610s turbojets, the aircraft is designed to supercruise, that is cruise at supersonic speeds without the use of afterburners. During a press event at the Paris Air Show, Boom announced that despite the delays to the demonstrator, the full-size aircraft is still expected to debut in the 2025-27 timeframe.

During the event Boom CEO Blake Scholl was joined by Takeshi Morita, a senior director at Japan Airlines who are a strategic partner and investor in Boom. JAL currently has options for upto 20 of the Overture airliners, with the company having so far invested $10m US.

Boom also announced that they have a new partnership with Prometheus who are working to develop sustainable alternatives to existing fuels. They use technology which economically removes CO2 from the air before using renewable electricity to turn it into petrol, diesel and jet fuel. This fuel will allow for the Boom jets to be carbon neutral and therefore not subject to carbon pricing.


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