RAF Southern Q Jets Scrambled

Reports are surfacing online that two Royal Air Force Typhoon FGR.4s from RAF Coningsby were today called out to a possible incident at London Stansted Airport however both jets we’re stood down after being cleared supersonic.

The reports seem to indicate that the aircraft we called out to a live incident due to them being cleared supersonic overland, a very rare occurrence normally reserved for the most serious incidents.

Stansted Airport is the UK’s designated southern airport for suspected terrorist incidents, with aircraft often required to divert there in an emergency to allow for better coordination between Police, the Civil Aviation Authority and of course the Royal Air Force.

We will report more as and when more information comes to light.


Two aircraft launched alongside a Voyager tanker, all aircraft stood down when it turned out to be a drunk passenger attempting to open the door.


The suspect aircraft was a RyanAir 737, flight FR2145 from Kaunas, Lithuania to Luton

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