Boeing 777X Completes First Taxi Test

Boeing have announced that their first 777X, a 777-9 has successfully completed its first taxi run.

Marking the first time the aircraft has moved under its own power, it’s a major step towards the aircraft’s maiden flight which is due to occur later this year.

Currently a total of 344 aircraft have been ordered by airlines, mainly to replace existing 777s and 747s. Over the existing 777 the 777X is able to reduce fuel burn per seat by around 20% whereas its improvement over the 747-400 is around 30%.

Currently only the 777-8 and 777-9 variants have been announced, with a stretched 777-10X and 777X freighter also possible. The 777-9 will be the first to enter service, with it due to enter commercial service in 2020.

All variants of the aircraft are planned to be powered by the General Electric GE-9X, which is based on the legacy 777’s GE90 whilst offering around 10% efficiency savings.

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