Yet More 737 Max Problems Unearthed

Boeing annnounced on Wednesday that they have found more issues with the troubled 737 Max, with a software flaw found which could automatically push the nose down.

A statement released by the company read:

“The safety of our airplanes is Boeing’s highest priority. During the FAA’s review of the 737 MAX software update and recent simulator sessions, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) identified an additional requirement that it has asked the company to address through the software changes that the company has been developing for the past eight months. The FAA review and process for returning the 737 MAX to passenger service are designed to result in a thorough and comprehensive assessment. Boeing agrees with the FAA’s decision and request, and is working on the required software. Addressing this condition will reduce pilot workload by accounting for a potential source of uncommanded stabilizer motion. Boeing will not offer the 737 MAX for certification by the FAA until we have satisfied all requirements for certification of the MAX and its safe return to service.”

It is currently understood that FAA employed test pilots working in a simulator discovered the problem, with the FAA going onto announced that they have no set timeline for the lifting of the grounding of the type and will only do so once all problems are fixed.

In light of the delays United Airlines further pushed back their schedule for the return of the type, announcing that it will be at least September before the type returns to service. This follows similar announcements already made by Southwest and American Airlines

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