Sweden To Join Tempest Program

It was reported yesterday in the Telegraph that Sweden is set to join the British, BAE Systems led Tempest program for a next generation combat aircraft.

“Britain’s Team Tempest program to build a new fighter jet moved a step closer to getting into the air with Sweden poised to announce it has signed up as the project’s first international partner,” they reported.

The program, to develop a full combat air system as well as the aircraft itself is currently a BAE Systems led project, with Rolls Royce, Leonardo and MBDA as current partners. The aircraft, the first program solely launched by the UK in some decades was expected to garner international interest and as well as Sweden, Italy and Japan are reportedly seen as possible partner nations.

With Saab potentially joining the project the program would gain a partner who has developed one of the best current generation fighter jets, the Gripen. What concessions may need to be made towards the Swedish requirements of dispersed basing is as yet unknown, with them requiring the aircraft of taking off and landing on short strips of road converted into wartime airbases.


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