Romania To Purchase Additional F-16s

According to reports, the Romanian parliament has given the go ahead for the purchase of an additional five F-16AMs/BMs from Portugal.

A report from BURSA stated: “Defense Minister Gabriel Leş announced that another five F-16 planes will be bought, which have the same configuration as the 12 already purchased.”

Other reports also state that the parliament approved the purchase of equipment and support from the United States, needed to ensure that the aircraft can remain in frontline operation until their (hoped) eventual replacement by a 5th generation aircraft, widely expected to be the Lockheed Martin F-35.

The F-16 aircraft are at the same Block 15 Mid-Life Upgrade (MLU) standard as the 12 aircraft already procured (9 single seaters and three twin seaters), the standard includes Have Quick II secure radios, an improved APG-66(V)2 radar, two extra hardpoints, and an strengthened underwing hardpoints.

It is currently unknown what the split will be between single and twin seaters, with very little information currently being in the public domain

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